Friday, May 25, 2007

My first trip to Australia

Google Developer Day is around the corner and as a member of the Google Data API team based out of New York, I am very excited about my first trip to Australia and the opportunity to present an introductory session on Google Data APIs to developers in Sydney. I understand the event has had a huge response down under and I look forward to addressing such an enthusiastic crowd. Google Data APIs have evolved at a faster rate in the past year, and we now have lot more Google services including Google Calendar, Base, Blogger and Picasa accessible through GData APIs. I consider Developer Day as an annual carnival for us to present whats new and also an opportunity for you to share your ideas and suggestions. This is a global event reaching out to developers across the world and highlights the importance Google places on the developer community. Our GData team is presenting in multiple locations including Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, London and Mountain View. I am really looking forward to meeting you in Sydney on May 31st.

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